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What would you do with an extra $10,000? Would you take your family on a much needed holiday? Pay off some extra bills?
As we are new to the Toronto, Downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton areas many of you may wonder, WHAT DOES 1% COMMISSION (MIN. $6,000) PLUS $900 MEAN?

If Your Home Sells For $600,000 Or Less, You Pay $6,900 (Plus Tax) When Your Home Is Sold. If Your Home Sells For Over $600,000, You Pay 1% Of Selling Price Plus $900 (Plus Tax) When Your Home Is Sold.

*not all agents charge the same


Q. Will Other Agents Show One Percent Listings?
A. Easily the most frequently asked question...Why would an agent show his/her client a One Percent listing when that agent can show a different listing and possibly earn more? There are several possible explanations as to why other agents show One Percent listings.
These include (1) Agents have an ethical duty to show all listings, regardless of commission, unless they are authorized by their client to do otherwise, (2) agents still earn a commission (3) buyers can easily find One Percent listings on a number of websites including:, and/or

The question you REALLY should be asking is "Does One Percent Realty Work?"

Q. Does One Percent Realty Work?
A. What you really care about is (1) Will my property sell, (2) How long will it take to sell, (3) How much will it sell for, and (4) How much will I net after commission and other expenses. One Percent Realty works! Clients could save thousands of $$$ in real estate commission! Your property should attract a buyer if priced realistically. Your property will not sell simply because you are paying thousands more in commission.

Q. How Does The $6900 Or 1% Plus $900 Break Down?
A. $3000 or 0.5% for me ("listing agent"), $3000 or 0.5% for buyer's agent ("selling agent"), $900 disbursements (includes the fee I pay my office when I sell your home, advertising fee to help me recoup some of the advertising costs I incur and MLS® fee to put your property on the MLS® system). You pay absolutely nothing to me until your home is sold! One Percent Realty sells many properties. One Percent REALTORS® don't have the overhead costs other agents have and our low commission structure allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of wasting valuable time soliciting new business.

Q. What Do You Mean By "Full Real Estate Services"?
A. When I promise to provide Full Real Estate Services, this includes listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) of our Board and, therefore, your listing appearing on , listing your property on , advertising your property, holding open houses, signage, lock box, showings, all documentation and contracts, negotiations, keeping you informed, cooperating with brokerages working with buyers, responding to inquiries.

Q. Victor, Do You Work With Buyers As Well?
A. Yes, I work with both Buyers & Sellers. My focus is to do the best job I can for you. I allocate my time and energy as fairly as possible among all my clients in order to deliver the high level of service I demand of myself and you should expect from your AGENT. If you're interested in purchasing a property now or some time in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am specializing in the area of Spruce Grove Real Estate but I can accommodate other areas as well. I would also be happy to set you up with a private client account where you'll receive a personalized account with real-time listings which meet your criteria. This service is free and contains more details (and timelier information) than what you will get on

Q. Victor, What's The Best Way To Contact You?
A. Please feel free to call me directly at
(416) 414-2220 or by
email at, either way, you will get direct access to me almost immediately, no need to jump through hoops when calling an office line.

Q. Victor, Do you offer any deals for buyers?
A. Why yes I do.  As you can see in the pictures included herein, I have a personal (not brokerage-wide) rebate for buyers that purchase using me as their representative.  They are eligible up to 25% cash back on commissions (when they are paid out to me)**.

Q. So is there fine print to any of this?
A. It's all laid out here:

This rebate offer of 25% (of the commission paid to the Co-operating Brokerage, One Percent Realty Ltd, less $400), is only available from Victor Anjos and not other licensees of/at One Percent Realty Ltd. Rebate is subject to the commission funds being received by One Percent Realty Ltd. and being paid to the Salesperson after Completion of the Sale. Commission paid to the Co-operating Brokerage, One Percent Realty Ltd, must be at least 2.5% for the Rebate to apply, otherwise, none will apply. The rebate also does not apply to any properties listed for sale by One Percent Realty Ltd. Limited time offer subject to conditions. Offer ends December 15th 2013.

One Percent Realty Ltd. charges just $6,900 for selling homes under $600,000. Sales of homes over $600,000 are charged at 1.9% on the first $100,000 and 1% on the balance of the sale price. The $6,900 commission includes our $3,900 listing commission as well as the $3,000 for the Realtor® working with the buyer. No upfront. One Percent Realty provides Full Service by a qualified professional, licensed REALTOR®.
Why pay more???
**This offer valid on properties where the commission paid to me, the buyer's agent, is a minimum of 2.5%.

Independently owned and operated. This ad is not intended to induce a breach of an existing contract.


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